Deck's Campaign Training Wiki

Deck's Campaign Training Wiki

At Deck, we know that running a campaign can be overwhelming. So we've compiled a quick campaign training portal to help get you started!

Getting started

Laying the Groundwork

What it takes to get started — from filing your official paperwork to mapping out your strategy for winning.

Gathering Resources

How to think about raising money, hiring a team, and organizing volunteers in your community.

How to win

Setting the Terms

How to think about defining your campaign, your opponent, and what's at stake in your election

Winning Votes

The nitty gritty work of registering voters, mobilizing your supporters, and earning the votes of non-supporters

Reaching voters

Direct Contact Tactics

A review of person-to-person outreach methods, including canvassing, phone banking, and clipboarding.

Indirect Contact Tactics

A review of mass outreach methods, including direct mail, advertisements, and yard signs.

Going deeper

More Resources

Links to resources built by organizations working hard to help progressive candidates hit the ground running.

Deeper Look at Scores and Universes

More information on how to think about targeting voters and building lists of voters to reach.

We are so excited for you and we are ready to help! If you have any questions or comments, please email us